Queen's High School

Empowering Young Women

Friday 24th May - Board Of Trustees Nominations Close at Noon

Staff Information

Ms Barbara Agnew Principal barbara@queens.school.nz
Ms Elizabeth Koni Deputy Principal lizk@queens.school.nz
Ms Jucinda Geddes Assistant Principal jucindag@queens.school.nz
Ms Lesley Signal Senior Support, Year 10 lesley@queens.school.nz

Year Level Co-ordinators

Year 9 Ms Tash Civil tashc@queens.school.nz
Year 10 Ms Megan Ellis megane@queens.school.nz
Year 11 Ms Jacqui Earland jacquie@queens.school.nz
Year 12 Ms Dale Irvine dalei@queens.school.nz
Year 13 Mrs Sonya Finnie sonyaf@queens.school.nz
Guidance Counsellor Ms Penny Muir pennym@queens.school.nz

Learning Area Leaders

Ms Nancy Kay Arts nancyk@queens.school.nz
Mrs Viv Smith English vivs@queens.school.nz
Ms Stephanie Meronek Humanities stephaniem@queens.school.nz
Mrs Cherie Ford Languages cherief@queens.school.nz
Mrs Jackie Spence Mathematics jackies@queens.school.nz
Mrs Jacqui Earland Physical Education and Health jacquie@queens.school.nz
Ms Allison Dodds Science allisond@queens.school.nz
Mrs Deborah Nicolson Technology debbie@queens.school.nz
Mrs Michelle Brown Learning Support michelle@queens.school.nz

Teaching Staff


Teacher Subject Email Address
Ms Joanna Bishop-Cherry TIC Economics and Business Studies, Junior Humanities joannab@queens.school.nz
Ms Michelle Browne Science, Animal Care michelleb@queens.school.nz
Ms Noeline Burden Financial Literacy, French noelineb@queens.school.nz
Ms Heidi Geissler Drama heidig@queens.school.nz 
Ms Tash Civil Science tashc@queens.school.nz
Mr Tom Clark Chemistry, Physics, Science  tomc@queens.school.nz
Ms Allison Dodds HOD Science, Biology allisond@queens.school.nz
Ms Jacqui Earland Physical Education/Health jacquie@queens.school.nz
Mrs Dianne Eaton-Koedyk TIC Gateway Programme diannee@queens.school.nz
Ms Megan Ellis Mathematics megane@queens.school.nz
Mrs Sonya Finnie Physical Education/Health, TIC Outdoor Education, Foundation Studies sonyaf@queens.school.nz
Mrs Cherie Ford HOD Languages, Māori, TIC Kapa Haka cherief@queens.school.nz
Mrs Michelle Brown HOD Learning Support  michelle@queens.school.nz
Ms Chrissie Hanning Food Technology chrissieh@queens.school.nz
Ms Dale Irvine HOD Music dalei@queens.school.nz
Ms Nancy Kay HOD Art, Visual Arts – Painting, Photography nancyk@queens.school.nz
Ms Helen Lowther Physical Education/Health, Specialist Classroom Teacher helenl@queens.school.nz
Mr David McMillan TIC Design and Visual Communication, Graphics davidm@queens.school.nz
Ms Terry MacTavish Drama terrym@queens.school.nz
Ms Sarah Manning English sarahm@queens.school.nz
Ms Stephanie Meronek HOD Humanities, History, TIC Pasifika stephaniem@queens.school.nz
Ms Georgina Beck English, Humanities georginab@queens.school.nz
Mrs Debbie Nicolson HOD  Technology debbie@queens.school.nz
Ms Karen Palmer Physical Education/Health, Junior Humanities, Sports Coordinator, Active Education Leader karenp@queens.school.nz
Mrs Lynda Rendall TIC ESOL, English lyndar@queens.school.nz
Mrs Carol Robertson TIC Child Development, Food Technology carolr@queens.school.nz
Ms Nicole Rogers TIC Dance, Physical Education/Health, Outdoor Education nicoler@queens.school.nz
Ms Chris Reeves Fabric Technology, Learning Support chrisr@queens.school.nz
Mr Matthew Sherborne Geography, Tourism matthews@queens.school.nz
Ms Lesley Signal Careers, Gifted & Talented programme, English lesley@queens.school.nz
Mrs Viv Smith HOD English  vivs@queens.school.nz
Mrs Jackie Spence HOD Mathematics, Mathematics jackies@queens.school.nz
Ms Barbara Williamson English barb@queens.school.nz
Mrs Meagan Stanley-Brown Mathematics meagans@queens.school.nz

Itinerant Music Teachers

  • Johanna Brusse
  • Paul Claman
  • Nick Cornish
  • Beverley Dwan
  • Ross Kane
  • Ainslie Tucker

Support Staff

Executive Officer Mrs Yvonne Covey exec@queens.school.nz
Caretaker Mr Mike Dobier
Principal’s Personal Assistant Mrs Jo Lyons, Mrs Sharon Stumbles qhs@queens.school.nz
Receptionist Ms Juanita Truesdale reception3@queens.school.nz
Attendance Officer Mrs Emma Stevenson reception2@queens.school.nz
Accounts Assistant Mrs Naomi Clark accountsuser@queens.school.nz
Careers Advisor Ms Lesley Signal lesley@queens.school.nz
Librarian Ms Anna France annaf@queens.school.nz
Gateway Co-ordinator Mrs Dianne Eaton-Koedyk diannee@queens.school.nz
Science Technician Ms Rhonda Redman
Sports Co-ordinator Ms Karen Palmer sport@queens.school.nz
Teacher Aides Kerry, Nicky, Samara, Shelley, Jane
IT Manager Mr Murray Fiora murrayf@queens.school.nz
Old Girls Contact Mrs Colleen Lyons colleen@queens.school.nz
Homestay Co-ordinator Mrs Emma Stevenson homestay@queens.school.nz