Queen's High School

Empowering Young Women

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Clubs and Activities

Queen’s High School offers a variety of activities that girls’ can take part in during their lunchtimes,these include:

Queen’s Christian Group

When the demand exists, this group will meet throughout the year to discuss matters of mutual interest in relation to their faith.


The debating club meets regularly to prepare for inter-school debates. Students from all levels take part.

Environmental Group

For students from all levels who have a concern for the environment and a willingness to take action. Normally meet at lunchtimes.


Regular meetings throughout the year for students of all levels who have a care for our community and the people in it, and a willingness to seek active solutions to problems.

Student Librarians

An informal group of students from throughout the school who have a shared interest in books and libraries in general and a willingness to learn about and assist with library tasks.


A group of students with journalistic and presentation skills who work throughout the year towards the annual end-of-year publication of the Queen’s Magazine.

Public Speaking

Students from any level who wish to further their ability to address audiences may wish to join our Public Speaking club.

School Council

Elected representatives from each form level meet regularly as a forum for the discussion of matters of interest to the student body and to work towards making Queen’s an even better place for their learning and recreation.

Students Against Drunk Driving

Students from any level may join this group that works at confronting the international problem of those who drive while intoxicated. Regular meetings throughout the year.



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