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The Queen’s High School uniform is smart and contemporary.

A range of uniform articles allows for comfort and alternatives depending upon the weather. The uniform changed in 2016, but there will be a transition time for students with the existing uniform. Students must wear either the old or new uniform, not a mixture of both. All Year 9 students, and any students at other year levels who wish to, will be in the new uniform which is as follows:

Blazer Year 9 – 13: Mid blue (compulsory) – Purchased from Tudor Clothing
Skirt Anderson tartan pleated kilt (below knee) – NZ Uniforms
Shirt Long or short sleeve plain white shirt, with top button – NZ Uniforms
Tie Year 9 – 12: Queen’s tie – NZ Uniforms
Year 13: Queen’s tie, embroidered with school crest – NZ Uniforms
Jersey Woollen mid blue, v-neck jersey. (School crest) – NZ Uniforms
Vest Woollen mid blue (optional) – NZ Uniforms
Socks White ankle socks (must cover ankles) or Black knee high socks or tights
Shoes Black hard leather lace-up shoes (conventional school shoe style)
Jacket Plain black waterproof jacket over blazer (optional – to be worn outdoors only)
Scarf Plain black (fine weave only) or Anderson tartan
PE Uniform Available from NZ Uniforms


Students are expected to be well groomed and neatly presented and to have clean, well pressed uniforms. No cosmetics or jewellery of any kind are permitted, other than a named watch and one small earring in each lower ear lobe. Taonga are permitted. Facial piercings are not permitted and hair must be a natural colour and completely tied back, behind the shoulders at all times. Make-up is not allowed.

Our uniforms are sold by NZ Uniforms, who have a retail shop at 124 Crawford St, Dunedin.

There is also a Uniform Shop onsite, this carries second hand uniform only. Please contact the School Office to find out the opening hours.


The Queen's High School Uniform