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Sports Person Of The Week

sylvia-pomareEach week coaches, managers, and even sideline supporters are invited to nominate students for our ‘Sportsperson of the Week’ award to be given out at Friday’s school assembly. Nominations can be made based on achievement, sportsmanship, leadership, support, commitment, effort, anything that is deserving of being celebrated in the sporting realm. One name will be chosen from the list of nominations each week to win the award.

Nominations & Winner 25-11-16, Brianna Reid

Nominations & Winner 4-11-16, Riley Haugh

Nominations & Winner 28-10-16, Ellesha Clark

Nominations & Winner 21-10-16, Arabella Thomlinson

Nominations & Winner 14-10-16, Bethany Wells

Nominations & Winner 23-9-16, Haruka Sano

Nominations & Winner 16-9-16, Nicole Pendreigh

Nominations & Winner 19-8-16, Ella Hjertquist

Nominations & Winner 5-8-16, Sylvia Pomare

Nominations & winner 1-7-16, Madi Scott

Nominations and winner 24-6-16, Cate Davidson

Nominations and winner 17-6-16, Riley Haugh